Instructions for Completing PDF Time Cards

1. Please use Icon's time card only for assignments generated by an Icon representative.

2. If you have questions regarding time cards, contact an Icon agent at

3. To use our PDF time card:

  • Save the PDF as a blank document.
  • Using Acrobat, open the PDF.
  • Overwrite the highlighted form fields with your information. Enter the correct number of hours and minutes worked (rounding to the nearest quarter hour) and then double-check your math.
  • Sign and then save the completed PDF to your desktop.
  • Forward your completed PDF time card to the client. Ask them to digitally sign the PDF. Have the client forward it to Icon at:
  • Client digitally signed timecards must be received from the client's email address by Icon to be valid.

4. If the client has approved overtime work, overtime is paid for any hours worked in excess of 4O hours per week. Please note that the client's overtime policy will always override Icon's overtime policy. Hence, overtime will only be paid for more than 8 hours in a day, for Sundays or for Holidays if the client agrees. Recognized Holidays generally include: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

5. Icon's work week runs Monday through Sunday. The "Week Ending Date" is always the Sunday at the end of the week worked.

6. Both you and the client must sign the time card, either physically or digitally and you both should retain a copy.

7. In order for you to get paid on schedule, we must receive your signed time card no later than 9:OO AM on the Monday following the week worked. If we do not receive your correctly completed and signed time card by the deadline, your paycheck will be delayed.

8. If you are unable to obtain a signature from the client for your time card, send it to Icon immediately. We will make arrangements to have the client sign it as soon as possible. Please do not hold the time card for days while waiting for the client to become available.

9. Direct deposits and paychecks are issued no later than Friday following the week worked. To request that a paper check be held for pick up, you must contact Icon by 11:00 AM on Monday, otherwise it will be automatically mailed. Paychecks may be picked up at the Icon Freelance Associates offices between 3:OO PM and 5:OO PM on Friday.

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